Update time

Sorry for the lack of updates from us, we have both been really busy with essays, revising for exams and getting stressed out.

My engagement ring arrived 4 weeks ago now, and Ben and I went out for dinner where Ben formally proposed. 

We have now told everyone we are engaged and almost everyone has been really excited and happy for us, except my parents who have been very negative. Amongst other things my parents have said to us that ours will not be a 'Real Wedding' since Ben is converting to Judaism - Conservative/Masorti although we both regard ourselves as Liberal Jews, I was raised Orthodox.

I have been really hurt and upset by my parents' comments as they have said a lot in the past which I have tried to forgive but this time around I don't think  that will be the case.



Update as we haven't blogged in 2 weeks aparently

So according to Livejournal, we haven't updated in 2 weeks as we have been away.

We went up to Scotland to Ben's parents for the week as I hadn't met them as yet. We travelled up by train.

Ben's parents are lovely, I am looking forward to seeing them again soon when they drive down a few (well, more than a few - dozens of  boxes) books which Ben has left at their home. They will also be driving down his bookcase and sofa - ooh and an oak dining table with a bench :)

Whilst away we went to a Cheese Shop in Edinburgh and a sign on the wall advertising a wedding cake made up of cheeses made us both smile.  Upon returning home Ben did some Google'ing and found this company that do Wedding Cakes of cheeses.  We are thinking cheeses for the reception party when back in the UK,  as we are hopefully going to be getting married in Israel.


A meme as was tagged by ckdutchess

ckdutchess asked earlier today for people to request a letter from her goodself in order to participate in a meme, so I obliged and requested a letter and she gave me E

1.  Everything I do I do it for you ~ Bryan Adams
2.  Everybody hurts - REM
3.  Earth song - Michael Jackson
4.  Ebay song - Weird Al
5.  Easy like a sunday morning - Lionel Richie

So ask and I shall let you have a letter.

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